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Adventure Cat Backpacks/Carriers

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Ever dreamed to carry your kitty with you everywhere?

Well... your dream will soon become a reality thanks to this high quality backpack!

- Eye-catching Clear Window Design
- Many ventilation holes for your kitty to breathe easily!
- Perfect for kitties up to 11lbs (small to medium size)
- High quality leather

Most airlines are approving this bag under a seat, however, always check your airline requirements before traveling.


- High quality leather, made with pet safe materials
- Dimensions 14.75" x 12.2" x 9.85" (Perfect for small and medium-sized cats, up to 11lbs)
- Maximum breathability (ventilation holes both on the sides and front)
- Windproof


Data sheet

14.75" x 12.2" x 9.85"
Marcela Caraduje

Since my cat tasted the outside he was demanding to go outside ALL THE TIME. So I got this carrier and I've been taking him out every day in it, and he LOVES IT. He feels safe, and I feel safe as well; the product has great quality and it's comfortable to carry. I strongly recommend it!

Patricia A.
Just what I was looking for!:

This backpack is perfectly fine for my 15 lbs cat. She can even lay down. It seems very sturdy, and comfortable and my kitty has not tried to tear it (yet!).

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