Vincat van Gogh - Artistic Cat Collar by Nia Gould

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These unique and artistic cat collars feature Van Gogh-themed illustrations with a matching enamel charm.

The collar is fully adjustable and will fit on any kitty! The collar is fastened by a breakaway clasp, the safest option for kitties.

Help your cat stand out from the clowder with this snazzy collar!


The famous artist behind this print is Nia, from Devon, UK.

Her work has been displayed in a number gallery exhibitions, and stockists include design boutiques and gallery shops across the UK and London and New York. 

She truly loves cats and has five! Niaski - Sampson, Salvador, Socket, Frida and Pablo. 

They all made their way into a lot of her work.

You can follow Nia on Instagram: @niaski


Data sheet

A4 (21cm x 29.7cm / 8-1/4 x 11-3/4)