"Calico Kitty" - Enamel Pin by Everyday Olive

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Calico kitties are the BEST! Now is the time to prove it with this wonderful high quality enamel pin by Everyday Olive!

  • Stamped brass plated with gold, copper or nickel metal
  • Rubber clutch closure
  • Packaged on a sturdy backing card

About Everyday Olive

Everyday Olive is a wife, husband and cat team founded in San Francisco, California. Lauren and Jon got married in 2016 and created an enamel pin inspired by their beloved black cat Olive as their wedding favor. After the wedding their friends and family wore their Olive pins often and many inquired if they would make others.

Lauren had years of fashion merchandising experience and had always wanted to start her own business and Jon enjoyed his career in product design, but was eager to experiment creatively. They sketched up 10 silly black and white cat pins and used their wedding gift money to produce them, Everyday Olive was born!